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Frozen Watermelon Dog Treats

Are you looking for a fun and nutritious way to keep your dog and/or cat cool this summer? Look no further! The Pet Care Nanny is here with a delicious frozen watermelon dog treat recipe that only includes two ingredients, and is packed with flavours your beloved pet will adore! Today's blog is about how to make these frozen watermelon dog treats to pamper your pets and show them some extra love!

Frozen Watermelon dog and cat treats

Frozen Watermelon Dog Treats Recipe


1 cup of watermelon

1 cup of Open Farm's Chicken Bone Broth

Step 1: Prepare 1 Cup of Watermelon

Watermelon isn't just a summertime favourite for humans; it's also a wonderful treat for your pets! Packed with vitamins, watermelon offers a refreshing way to hydrate your dog and/or cat. It's a win-win situation for both pet parents and your adorable pets!

1 cup of fresh watermelon

Step 2: Prepare 1 cup of Open Farm's Chicken Bone Broth

Now, here comes the secret ingredient that will take these Pupsicles to the next level – 1 cup of Open Farm's Chicken Bone Broth. Not only does this flavourful addition enhance the taste, but it also offers incredible health benefits for your dog and/or cat. Specifically, this Chicken Bone Broth is nutritional and supports joint health and digestion.

*A quick note when selecting the right Chicken Bone Broth: Avoid options containing added salt or labelled as “low sodium.” You will want to provide your pets with the purest and healthiest ingredients, so double-check the labels before making your purchase. This small step ensures that your DIY Pupsicles remain as nutritious and beneficial as possible.

Step 3: Create the Perfect Blend

Creating these tasty treats is as simple as it gets. Using a blender – like the NutriBullet – combine the watermelon and Open Farm's Chicken Bone Broth. Mix the watermelon and chicken bone broth until it is smooth and well-combined.

Step 4: Pour the Mixture Into Cute Silicone Molds

Add the mixture into a measuring cup and pour it into a silicone mold. Feel free to use ice cube trays if you don't have access to silicone molds.

Step 5: The Final Reward

Now comes the hard part – waiting! Pop the silicone mold filled with the mixture into the freezer and allow it to set for anywhere between 3 hours to overnight. We know it can be tough to resist the anticipation of your pets enjoying these frozen watermelon dog treats, but good things come to those who wait. ;)

Once the treats are frozen solid, remove them from the freezer, and offer your pets a refreshing, healthy, and utterly delicious summer treat! The combination of watermelon's natural sweetness and the nutritional goodness of Open Farm's Chicken Bone Broth is sure to have their tails wagging in anticipation.

Frozen watermelon dog and cat treats


At The Pet Care Nanny, we’re committed to enhancing the well-being and experiences of your beloved pets. We take pride in providing pet-friendly recipes, dog walk and pet visit tips, and tricks to keep your furry companions happy and healthy all year round. However, it is crucial to recognize that each pet is unique, and their individual needs may differ.

**Disclaimer: We strongly advise consulting with your veterinarian before trying any new recipes or introducing unfamiliar foods to your pet’s diet, especially if your pet has any pre-existing health conditions or allergies. Your veterinarian can offer personalized guidance and ensure the safety and suitability of any dietary changes.

While we diligently research and curate our own content, our advice should not substitute for professional veterinary care. Your veterinarian is the best resource for understanding your pet’s specific health needs and can help you make informed decisions about their diet and overall well-being.


As responsible pet parents, there's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing our pets happy and healthy. You can achieve just that with this simple homemade frozen watermelon dog/cat treat recipe. These treats will cool them down during hot days and support their overall well-being. Go ahead and grab those ingredients, whip up these treats, and watch your pets enjoy them! After all, a happy pet is a happy heart! 🐾❄️

Good luck!

Sincerely, The Pet Care Nanny

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