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Easy Summer Frozen Dog Lick Mat Recipe Idea

Are you seeking ways to ensure your beloved pup stays healthy, entertained, and stress-free throughout the summer? Look no further! I’ve whipped up a refreshing and easy summer frozen dog lick mat recipe that's perfect for your four-legged friend(s) to stay cool and calm, even in the summer heat! As a dog lover and pet caregiver, I’m constantly searching for ways to enhance our furry friends' well-being. This summer frozen dog lick mat recipe is not only a delicious treat for your dog, but also provides them with essential nutrients and hydration to keep them energized and content during these hot summer days.

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Easy Summer Frozen Dog Lick Mat Recipe Idea:

Step 1: Use your dog’s favourite lick mat.

If you don’t already have one, you can easily purchase dog lick mats at your local pet store or online (ie: Amazon, Walmart, etc.). They come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can choose the perfect one for your doggo!

Cyan Blue Dog Lick Mat


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*DID YOU KNOW: Lick mats are an AMAZING tool to keep your dog entertained and engaged, especially if they experience anxiety or tend to eat their food too fast. For instance, our dog Michi is a very sensitive pup with anxiety, and as a devoted pet parent, I’m always on the lookout to reduce his stress and make treat time fun, enjoyable and engaging. Lick mats have transformed his treat time into a therapeutic experience! Not only does it provide him mental stimulation, but it also alleviates his stress and helps him relax. It’s amazing how a simple tool can have such a positive impact on our furry friends!

On the other hand, our other dog, Tofu, used to devour his food in the blink of an eye. But using a lick mat has worked wonders for him, too! Now, he eats and enjoys his treats more mindfully, and he takes his time savouring each bite.


Okay, back to the recipe!

Step 2: Use plain Greek yogurt with no added sugar, and spread it on the lick mat.

Greek yogurt is a cool and creamy base that provides probiotics, calcium, and digestive support, promoting a healthy gut for your doggo.

Step 3: Add Juicy Blueberries

Add a handful of juicy blueberries and mash them into the lick mat. Blueberries are great for dogs because they’re rich in antioxidants, low in calories, high in fiber, and has a great natural source of vitamins.

Step 4: Mash in a Ripe Banana

Next, take a ripe banana, and mash it into the lick mat for extra sweetness. Bananas are not just a favourite fruit for most dogs, they are also a healthy addition to their diet. It’s low in fat, easily digestible, and it’s high in potassium, which is essential for maintaining proper muscle function.

Step 5: Optional Tropical Twist with Mango

Consider adding a little tiny amount of mango for a tropical twist to your dog’s frozen lick mat. This step is entirely optional, but I must mention that my doggos are OBSESSED with mango and can detect its sweet aroma from a mile away! Mango supports skin and coat health, hydration (especially in the summer), and it’s nutrient-rich.

Step 6: Freeze and Serve

Once you have all of the ingredients on the lick mat, pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. The freezing process will allow these simple ingredients to transform into a refreshing and delightful frozen treat for your pup!

Voila! A refreshing treat for your furry friend to enjoy on those hot summer days!

Once the lick mat is thoroughly frozen, take it out of the freezer and watch your pup’s excitement as they lick and savour every delicious bite. The combination of cool, creamy yogurt, blueberries, banana, and the optional tropical mango will make this a summer favourite for your dog.

A dog eating from a lick mat

Try this easy summer frozen dog lick mat recipe! It’s a super simple and nutritious treat that not only keeps your dog cool, but also provides them with essential nutrients. You pup will be grateful for this refreshing treat on those scorching summer days. Share this recipe with your fellow pet parents, and don’t forget to let us know if your pup loved it, too!


At The Pet Care Nanny, we’re committed to enhancing the well-being and experiences of your beloved pets. We take pride in providing pet-friendly recipes, dog walk and pet visit tips, and tricks to keep your furry companions happy and healthy all year round. However, it is crucial to recognize that each pet is unique, and their individual needs may differ.

**Disclaimer: We strongly advise consulting with your veterinarian before trying any new recipes or introducing unfamiliar foods to your pet’s diet, especially if your pet has any pre-existing health conditions or allergies. Your veterinarian can offer personalized guidance and ensure the safety and suitability of any dietary changes.

While we diligently research and curate our own content, our advice should not substitute for professional veterinary care. Your veterinarian is the best resource for understanding your pet’s specific health needs and can help you make informed decisions about their diet and overall well-being.


We hope our tips and recipes bring joy and excitement to you and your furry friends! Happy cooking, and good luck!

Sincerely, The Pet Care Nanny

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